Friday, 11 December 2009

danah boyd interview

Interesting interview with digital anthropologist and social media expert danah boyd here today. I like the insight that kids are just as concerned with privacy as before (and as concerned as adults are). Privacy is linked to control and kids are only able to control spaces such as those online whilst adults have control over homes, which they see as the locus of privacy. Cue much confusion about whether kids actually value privacy any more.

danah boyd also deconstructs the uncritically accepted notion of 'digital native'. Children are no more natives than adults, it's just that the imperative to learn to use technology may be so much stronger when it has become an essential way to negotiate the conventional processes of growing up.

In short, plus ca change.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Utah Teapot

Only time for a quick entry today by virtue of needing to deliver three essays next week...

One of the essays is actually a project to explore issues in digital anthropology. I'm looking at an iconic object in the world of 3D graphics - the Utah Teapot - to help me explore various issues such as open source sharing, the preservation of digital heritage, the validity of virtual anthropology and remediation. More anon...

Part of my presentation